Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vintage Vixen has been so kind as to create a novelty prints feature section. Just go to www.vintagevixen.com to see this one or snap it up. I can't resist a row of peacocks bordering on abstraction and a Tori Richard label.

Hawaiiana is a feast of novelty. Tori Richard began in 1956 as an upscale resort line based in Honolulu. A textile manufacturer from Chicago named Mortimer Feldman decided to retire to Honolulu but couldn't stay away from the rag trade. There, along with designer Janice Moody and pattern-maker Mitsue Ake, the Tori Richard label produced A-line dresses with wild island prints, branching out into aloha shirts. The women's line vanished altogether during the 90's, but has been re-introduced for the fall 2006 collection.

Though this season's collection is inspired by their vintage prints and patterns, I didn't find anything with enough novelty for me (www.toririchard.com). Perhaps they could re-do this one as a mini-dress just for me. I'd wear it with white tights and fushia go-go boots. Perhaps they could re-issue it translated into shades of turquoise with green and gold accents. Keep the bell sleeves but print it on faux raw silk.


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