Wednesday, September 06, 2006

For the love of Alfred Shaheen, it's another peacock dress. This print is a good example of why a maxi dress is best to display a peacock's trailing plumage. This Alfred Shaheen dress is available at for $99 and it is a nice medium size (B39 and 1/2, W28). It is not clear from the listing whether or not the piece is signed, though it does have an Alfred Shaheen tag.

Alfred Shaheen, a visionary who designed and printed Hawaiian, Pacific Island and Asian inspired themes, essentially built the pre-statehood Hawaiian garment industry. Maintained by his daughter, Camille Shaheen, has some lovely visuals of this work, especially the much coveted sarong dresses. However, not much biographical info is available. I'd love to know all about my hero, so if you have a bio or a timeline, please let me know.

Camille Shaheen's website mentions trades. That she is looking for Alfred Shaheen designs pre-1965 and will trade you for them.


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