Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lynn Yaeger, chez elle, delighting in her eBay finds.

The glorious Ms. Yaeger will be interviewing collectors of obscure antiquarian stuffs in the weeks to come. But this article shows her own growing collection of becassine dolls, reindeer sweaters, and Victorian baby pins. More photos can be found here, in what is apparently an on-line magazine for ebay.

More Lynn Yaeger goodness can be found here, in an article by Meredith Barnett.

I love the reindeer sweaters. Doll-like and practical at the same time. And she makes that mink work too. I love how elements from different eras and sources are all pulled into her orbit and rendered unmistakably 20s, cartoonish and childlike. It's as if that's just the way gravity works on her planet.

The Inside Source evidently has the eBay finds and obsessions of famous people as well. Padma Lakshmi, for one. And just when I finally kicked my eBay addiction. Of course during that time I was searching everyday for vintage novelty print dresses (particularly those with vegetables or nautical motifs on them), eye-scalding Hawaiian print dresses, children's handkerchiefs and Victorian mourning jewelry. I still regularly search for Vested Gentress, Waltah Clarke, Vera or Shaheen frocks just to prove I can walk away anytime I like. I do need a top hat, preferably Edwardian and silk. Now that Ms. Lakshmi has already bought herself one I won't have to worry about being outbid by her deep pockets. I could also always use another Shriner's fez.

What are you searching for?



Blogger Lizzie, The Vintage Traveler said...

Fabulous Ms. Yeager, as always!

10:10 AM  
Blogger Prutha said...

cannot tell u how much i love her hair!!! great find on ebay too..

much love

8:19 AM  

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