Friday, September 10, 2010

Are you in need of some fun? Some diversion? Gothamist has this slide show of candid looks from the streets of NYC in the summer of 1969. And those skirts are just as short as those worn today.

I recently started a project to read late 1960s self-help books, but only original editions salvaged from rubbish heaps. The ones whose pages are turning paper-bag brown and disintegrating. But this young lady is way ahead of me.

I don't know what kind music Yacht may be. Perhaps you know. The young Ms. Claire Evans, however, has a blog about old school science fiction paper backs, lovingly photographed and thoughtfully reviewed, that I have been enjoying. Ms. Evans possesses literary insight that goes beyond genre fiction, and is an unabashed feminist to boot.

She also pointed me to a blog of a Portland-based vintage shop that is truly psychedelic. Light on text and chock-a-block with images and film clips, Rad Summer is a movable feast of a lookbook. Plus it looks like they have some fun parties.

I must say that Portland, Oregon is shown in a very favorable light. But I am starting to cast about for a new city. New York has been over for quite some time, but as I do with all my relationships, I am prolonging this one to the bitter end. But I have put down roots here. Roots that are tangled up rusting pipes, sewers, friends and foes, rat traps. These are roots deeper than I am tall. Reading Vanishing New York daily reminds me of all that I loved and lost here. And nostaglia is a politically tainted place to sit, to say the least. But then again the fantasy of self re-invention and greener pastures is equally suspect.


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