Monday, May 24, 2010

This dress is giving me Stendhal Syndrome. Ballerinas tie their toe shoes, or cavort through the clouds beneath the enormous orange roses. Swans linger on railroad tracks watched by huge women sheltered by archways. Daisies adorn the heads of heavily made up women and cities and moons cannot stop their dance. I'm sweating and I might lose consciousness in the presence of all this beauty.

What is so marvelous about this dress, and what makes it so unusual, is the use of collage within collage. Normally a photo print dress on polyester contains images stuck in their rectangles, placed together without much thought (sometimes even upside down). But here we have are beautiful collages in their own right, mixed with other unaltered photos. The fusion of swans, ballerinas, pensive ladies, and moons over a rocky yet modern city is absolutely doing me in.

I would want to waltz to the Blue Danube in this dress, but alas, it is too small. And as it is printed on acetate (rather than my good friend polyester) there is mostly likely no give. Can you wear a 25" waist? Go get it. Wear this dress to walk on clouds. To dream the impossible dream. I think I'll faint now.

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