Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The generous and kind-hearted Ms. Pratistha Durga sent this to me. Thanks so much, Ms. Prati!

I am verklempt. I’m getting mascara all over a novelty print handkerchief. It's a Nobel Prize commemorative handkerchief from 1978 showing Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin sharing the award in a burning, bull-dozed olive grove haunted by hungry doves. Just kidding. There are no Nobel Prize handkerchiefs that I know of. But wouldn't it be great if there were? I'm actually dabbing my eyes with a circus-themed children's handkerchief depicting little bears eating popcorn.

It really made my month.

Well, first there was Obama's victory, and that definitely got the month off to a fantastic start. Now I won't have to pretend I'm Canadian when traveling abroad. Really. I'm taking all those unconvincing maple leaf patches off my luggage.
What with no longer shamming Canadianness, and shacking up with my young Egyptian paramour (yes, reckless, reckless), well, I was away from my blog longer than anticipated. And when I returned to find Ms. Prati's nomination, I was floored to the point of inactivity. And then a whole lot happened to keep me away from blogging for almost a year.

What exactly is the Brillante Weblog Premio? Does it have anything to do with The Dark Crystal? The fact is, no one seems to know the origins of this award. But it certainly has proliferated. Now the Museum of Hoaxes has some unkind words to say about it, like "viral nuisance". But wherever it began, and for whatever purpose, it has become a very nice way for collegial bloggers to honor each other.

And so, for the dear Ms. Prati, I have just created a special award, a Liberace.

Not only is her blog a delight, but she is excellent at fostering community. What are the rules of the Liberace Award? To indulge your most glorious excesses.

In accordance with the rules of the Brillante Weblog Premio, one is to nominate 7 other blogs. I am so tardy that I cannot in good faith send them the 2008 thingy, now can I? I know, I broke the chain. Thankfully I am not superstitious (pfui! pfui! pfui! kaynehora! keep the evil eye away), but still I must come up with something nice to forward on.

At any rate, here are 7 blogs I truly enjoy:

1. The Ullage Group
2. Cat's Litter Box
3. Advanced Style
4. It's (k)not Wood
5. The Vintage Traveler
6. Couture Allure
7. An Apple a Day

Yes, this post has been dramatically and disastrously delayed. It really did begin on whatever date it says here. Then I went back for a final clean up on 1/21/09. At that point, I was derailed. I am actually posting this on 10/10/09.

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