Friday, June 29, 2012

1,000 Cranes

Just look at this fabulous 40s playsuit. The halter has two yellow Bakelite hoops attached to a charming rope tie at the neck and the high waisted shorts. It appears to be a generously cut medium and is on ebay right now via Vampibilly, the shop responsible for these lovely photos. Now 40s playsuits, especially with this kind of print and these charming details, do not come cheap, but perhaps you could wear it everyday. And use it as a pattern to make yourself an army of playsuits. And you then could spend all your time tap-dancing, or walking on the boardwalk, or rehearsing for old timey Broadway musicals. Or maybe you can pair it with a sailor hat and walk around belting out "Anything Goes".
I have been away a long time, goslings. No, I didn't go anywhere, but I did curb the compulsive shopping which kept me off of ebay and etsy, for the most part anyway. I focused my efforts on finding dollar items and attempting to alter them with some sewing machine magic aided by my fabulous sewing class teacher, which has been rewarding. But I have missed posting novelty print lovelies here, as well as reviewing old movies, so here I am again. I was actually trying to write things for other venues, but in my research I discovered that my poor neglected blog got more monthly traffic than most of the on-line magazines I found out there shilling for submissions. So thank you, whoever you are, for reading, or at least opening this blog and perhaps closing it again in frustration. I really appreciate it, truly. Blogger has monkeyed about with the template, so I may need to make some formatting adjustments as I go forward. I am also looking for more crane prints. Just to keep it interesting, I have imposed the restriction that they must not be on kimonos. Can I collect 1,000 cranes?



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