Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fantasmagoric rainbow zebra frock. I was transported to a land of vintage Juicy Fruit gum commercials, which, if I remember correctly, had singing rainbow-striped zebras. I'll look for a link to the commercial to post, so that you can decide for yourself. Perhaps I am having some kind of Singing Detective-style meltdowm. (But happily, without the psoriatic arthritis, or dreadful misogyny of the BBC series.)

This frock is silk, small, and, with a buy it now price of $130, not cheap. But then I am most accustomed to shopping at the Salvation Army on half-price day, so I've got no realistic sense of what things go for anymore. I've seen poorly made dreck priced at 80 clams or so at H&M, so perhaps this is a steal. The ebayer is throwing in free shipping, which is magnanimous.

What I love about this dress is movement. Those colorful zebras are really booking. And the vertical strips of motion invariably evoke Eadweard Muybridge. Do you see it too? But in dazzling pop art technicolor.

Each zebra seems to be captured at the magical moment where all feet are off the ground. Wear this dress to the races, the circus, auditions, or as a contestant on a game show. Where it anywhere you need to talk a mile a minute. Perhaps the zebras would really look as if they were moving if you wore this dress under a strobe light. Perhaps this dress is really a zoetrope? Or it could be that all it needs is you to become a zoetrope.

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