Monday, August 31, 2009

Paganne, goslings. I wonder when I became such a toady for labels? This whimsical frock is available from Love Me Two Times Vintage. It's a medium, full length gown with a long slit up the left side going straight to mid-thigh. The print is on the front and the back. Pagannes don't come cheap. But you are worth it, so go get it. Or at least look at all the lovely photos.

I'd be tempted to wear this with a hat made out of broken violins. You can pick them up cheap by the armload at Goodwill. It would be even better if the pattern on the dress was actually an electronic keyboard. How fun would it be to play your own evening gown at a gig? Though the keyboards are not optimally placed for doing so. But just imagine, watching drummers struggle with their kits and saying:load-in's a cinch with my new piano frock. In the movie version of my life, the working keyboard would be on an apron that I tied onto my gown, that way I could adjust it in my lap. And I'd play all Blossom Dearie tunes. Perhaps I'd have a small grand piano nestled in my chignon. It would have a working keyboard as well, but--get this--it's a toy piano, all plunky, decayed sound.

And rings on every finger--rings shaped like grand pianos that are in fact--music boxes. Did I mention that I love Liberace?

Now I'm getting greedy. I'd sit next to a full size grand piano, playing it using extended techniques, play the electronic piano on my apron and occassionally reach up to the toy piano in my hair. Winding the music boxes on my fingers.

Quick, someone call Margaret Leng Tan and Phyllis Chen. I have had the pleasure of seeing both of them perform live. Margaret Leng Tan was performing with Eiko and Komo at the Japan Society. And Phyllis Chen playing an assortment of toy pianos, music boxes, a grand piano, and even played a composition than involved frying an egg, at Symphony Space. Both were awe-inspiring.

New to my blogroll is Couture Allure's blog, featuring designer vintage togs, along with vintage advertising and tips. Tips not only on vintage make-up stylings, but the proper way to carry your gloves. Like a lady. [That last line must be read with an Eliza Dolittle cockney.] But I prefer to smack people in the face with my gloves, and challenge them to duels.

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