Friday, September 25, 2009

Cheery polyester version of Renoir's 1880-1881 painting Luncheon of the Boating Party. This blouse is for sale from Cloud Nine Vintage. You can buy it here. It looks like it will fit a medium or a small.

This is one for the Polyester Museum of Fine Arts, to be sure. If I didn't already have a polyester evening gown with a Renoir photo print, I'd snap this one up. I love how this brightly colored rendering of Renoir's painting is centered on the shirt giving way to brushstrokes before fading cinematically into black. But I really love how the print is used on the sleeves. The print rolls across the sleeves, stretching the image and creating the illusion of cinemascope. The pieces of the painting that resurface on the cuffs and collar are jaunty as well.

My favorite character in the Renoir painting is the woman in the middle with the drinking glass almost obscuring her face. I suspect that is because this painting is reproduced over and over again by a kooky neighbor in the 2001 film Amelie. The woman with the glass is the favorite of the neighbor, played by Serge Merlin. Sometimes my memory is so good it scares me. And reminds me of how derivative I can be.

At any rate, goslings, Happy New Year. I think 5770 should be a good year. (And here I am still writing 5769 on all my checks.)



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