Thursday, February 07, 2008

Up a steep and very narrow stairway/To a voice like a metronome/Up a steep and very narrow stairway/ It wasn't paradise/It wasn't paradise/It wasn't paradise/But it was home.

At the Ballet.

Blouse week continues with this rayon crepe blouse. What look like flowers, perhaps hibiscus, from afair, are buxom, dark-skinned blondes in billowing rainbow-tinged skirts. Some hold fans, others are checking themselves out in hand-held mirrors. Graceful arms and the staggered placement of the skirts give a feeling of whirling.

B34, W28, and it buttons up the back. I'd resist the temptation to wear a full skirt with this one, and opt for something straighter, more tailored. But I would definitely wear a pair of black suede opera length gloves.

I'd wear this one to the Flamenco Festival. With an enormous red comb in my chignon.


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