Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Confound it, kids, I thought this picture copied better. Go to this link to see this Miró blouse in all it's detailed glory.

An excellent addition to any Museum of Fine Art on Polyester. This top is an XL: with a Bust of 52", and 29 inches in length. It could be a top or a dress, depending upon the wearer.

I love Miró's work and have never seen anything like this before, so hop to it. Wear it when you need to think abstractly.

And so, goslings, I guess this is turning into blouse week. Let's see if I can find 3 more novelty print tops for you to enjoy.

As for what I'm going to do with The Rest of My Life: I've made some headway as a philistine. I've decided to devote myself to watching all the episodes of Patrick McGoohan's late 60s tv series, The Prisoner. Well, there are only 17 episodes, so I guess I can devote the next couple of months to it.

Okay, so you could argue that this show references surrealism, totalitarianism, and has enough mid-century design goodies to class it up and out of philistinism. Puh-shaw! I would argue that devoting oneself to a tv show of any sort is a good schmear of lowbrow on the bagel of life. We all need a soupçon of vulgarity to keep things interesting.

A shocking addition to my usual tenet: One must have a touch of whimsey.

Whimsey, yes and always. But being possessed of good manners and childlike wonder can get a bit grating without just a bit of the common touch, don't you think?

Do read Lynn Yaeger's column this week. She asks fashion designers who they are voting for in the primaries. This one is particularly well-written. It's enough to make me want to retire.


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