Friday, May 25, 2007

Another Don Quixote dress.
As you may know, I have the ultimate Don Quixote dress. It is red, full-skirted with a crinoline included, covered with windmills, Moorish architecture, and a man on horseback. Very early 60s style near-abstraction for the scene. Repeat print. Gorgeous polished cotton. Full sweep skirt and portrait neckline. And I cannot make the thing fit me despite hours of sewing. I suspect that it might be a maternity dress. If I were to wear it on the subway, someone would definitely give me their seat. Oy. If I'm not mixing too many metaphors, I should call the Don Quixote dress my Waterloo.
This one seems much less tormented. I enjoy the image of the little girl fishing, though I don't much like the placement of the fishing line on the bum. But the windmill is superb, as are the details on the sleeves. This one looks like it would take a very trim waist indeed, as it is not appropriately darted.


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