Friday, May 18, 2007

Now let us praise Ms. TimelessVixen. This is a dame after my own heart. Not only does she post glorious vintage novelty prints on ebay, but I presume this is her modeling as well. And with what élan! Ms. TimelessVixen displays her novelty prints with open-mouthed glee. She ain’t just gorgeous, she’s fun too.

I wish she lived next door and we could invite each other over for cocktail parties.

Just look at this stunning dress set. Medieval scenes presented in a color scale of forest green, avocado and bronze. I do so love a matching bolero, it makes me shout olé! But the showstopper is that both pieces are reversible. That’s right, both pieces.

Resersibility is overwhelmingly appealing to the commitment phobic, such as myself. In the movie version of my life, all my frocks would be reversible.

Go get it, bidding ends in mere moments.


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