Friday, May 25, 2007

Far out. Zodiac-themed apron-style tunic with so much to enjoy. Plus it’s got Nieman Marcus label and a pocket. Go get it. I’ll bet you don’t have already have an astrological print.
Is that Virgo, in the dress with hearts down the front? Isn't she kinda sexed-up?

I have a shirt made on this model (3/4 sleeves, pocket, 2 sets of ties in the back) but it has a Papagallo label and a print of skunks sniffing flowers and pursued by butterflies. It was $2 at the flea market. Because of the hospital-gown-style open back, I gotta wear something under it, a camisole or a t-shirt. And I do feel as though I am putting on a smock to do something like finger-painting. It's infantilizing.
Long ago I would have relished a zodiac print, especially one such as this. Especially when I was a tarot card reader. But now I am on a campaign to root out and abolish all superstition from my life. A year without magical thinking. Not easy. Because with closer examination, the majority of human behavior is superstitious. And yeah, I do still say "bless you" when someone sneezes. I mean, it's only polite.
Today I got a good laugh reading the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks, as recomended by Twisty Faster. If your day is as bleak as mine, I urge you to head over there. Nothing can cheer me up like grammar humor.


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