Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gloriously trippy 70s cheongsam. One could argue that a cheongsam should have a more snug fit, but I like that it's a bit loose this lovely model. And it would be a shame to interrupt the pattern with more darts. I like that the model's make-up and accessories have been kept simple (not that I can do that, I feel naked without pounds of costume jewelry), and her hair elegantly pulled back (again, listen to what I saw, not what I do). I have never seen a pattern this fun. The trains look copied from lithographs, and the mountains (or is that de-constructed smoke?) vibrate as they are made up of dots (or are those dashes?).

Wong Kar-Wai's film In the Mood for Love has some thrillingly mid-century patterned cheongsams on the gorgeous Maggie Chung (and they are tailored to fit her with great exactitude). The clothes are splendid here, lots of eye candy.


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