Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The adages I live by are many: Never work harder than you have to. Being fabulous is better than being beautiful. Enjoy your own shtick. Failure is the mother of success (that was from a fortune cookie, actually). Eat fresh fruit everyday. And, of course, never shtup a roommate or a co-worker. That last one is iron-clad and I've never broken it. The fresh fruit, well, I do my best.

I have many clothing rules too, but most imporantly: never wear a novelty print depicting something you don’t endorse. Unless, of course, the results are hilarious.

For Passover this year I wore a 60s A-line dress with an Egyptian print to a seder. Inappropriate? Kinda. Did it get a laugh? Absolutely. However, I must point out that although the context makes this dress cheeky, I am not ideologically opposed to what it shows. I like all things ancient Egyptian (and modern too, since Akhenaten is a very modern young man) and am not a Zionist.

As to this smoking frock, though it is a marvelous print ( just look at those striking matches! And the triangular collar and waist!) I couldn’t wear it. I quit smoking in 1996. I am seriously proud of quitting. Now there are those who say they used to smoke, meaning that they would bum one from someone at a party. Feh, that’s not smoking. They were bumming them from me. I lit up before I opened my eyes in the morning. If I can quit, anyone can. And believe me, I don’t miss it. Not even when watching a Bette Davis movie.


Blogger tea said...

Holy smokes! (couldn't resist)

I LOVE the place where the skirt joins the bodice. I would love a pattern of this dress. I would never wear the cigars, either, though. I gave up smoking for my 30th birthday (because it is undignified to smoke after30), and I don't miss it a bit, either! I'm very glad to be done. And I, also, can't bear the visual references. Though I might make one that was all prints of vintage cigar labels or ads.

Also: great bicycle blouse!

10:48 AM  
Blogger samsara said...

Ms. Tea, Tom Swifties are always welcome here!

Glad to hear you are a quitter too.

4:05 PM  

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