Friday, February 16, 2007

The Life Aquatic. Were these seascapes separated at birth?
The first fishy frock claims to be a Lilly Pulitzer. Possible. However, it is doubtful that the label pictured here was on this 70s dress. The design of this label belongs to the brand's revival in 1994. The print is swell. Especially the bubbles and the feeling of movement. Though Lilly's prints often worked in her name somewhere, and I'm not seeing that here. Nonetheless, I'd wear this one. Current bid is a mere $25.99. Size 8, B38, W36, H40. It is cotton, fully lined and has pockets. I am almost salivating.

The second is mass produced by J. Crew. The ebayer claims that it has sold out and is therefore rare. Why the run on fish dresses? What have I started? Next every girl in this town is gonna say she's a mermaid too. Sheesh. Current bid is a shocking $145, and it is a size 8.

And finally, what appears to be a knock-off of the J. Crew dress. I like the streaks of watercolor, and the overall watery feeling, but hope that this dress does not look too cheap in person. Something about the bow is trying too hard. It's in Australia right now. With a current bid of 10 Australian dollars, or about $7.85 US.
I know that 2006 was a particularly oceanic summer for retailers. But the wave has crested. (Couldn't resist: what are those called? You know, "Lemonade?" she said tartly. There's a word for that goddamn it.) It's always fishy under the boardwalk Chez Samsara. Will all my submariniana look hopelessly dated this year?


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