Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.
Adorable camera print novelty ensemble. Beautiful 50's style. Linen-type fabric printed with slightly abstract antique cameras in red and navy. The cherry red short-sleeved bolero is lined with same print. The dress has many sweet details to note: the red buttons up the back, the red-accented pockets, original cloth belt. B 38, W29, the current bid is $81.
Perfect for shutterbugs, and war correspondents. Though the latter might not find it entirely practical in the field. I'd like to encourage you to wear this dress while facing the paparazzi, visiting the ICP, or taking portrait photos of your neighbors, but I don't want to impose my will on you or this outfit. I just hope this ensemble has a happy life with a high-spirited dame like you.
Last weekend I became obsessed with the Moulin Rouge skirt. I found myself desperate for it. I mean, a circle skirt with the Moulin Rouge on it, for crying out loud. Thankfully, I have a consultant who told me in no uncertain terms that it was too big for me. Who would know over the phone (and without a measuring tape) that a 28 inch length would be at my ankles? My mother, of course. Thanks, mom!
New mantra: I have everything I need.
It's true too. I have everything I need. Try saying it and you'll find it's true.
Not everything I want, of course.
But ain't it all Buddhist to divest oneself of desires? I'm reading Lama Yeshe's Introduction to Tantra: A Vision of Totality which has an interesting counterpoint on desire. He writes quite reasonably: "Instead of viewing pleasure and desire as something to be avoided at all costs, tantra recognizes the powerful energy aroused by our desires to be an indispensable resource for the spiritual path". How I can put that into practice remains mysterious. Can Samsara achieve enlightenment by enjoying, but not possessing novelty prints? Can I express gratitude for the novelty prints I have and help others to find the novelty prints of their dreams? Bubbeleh, I'm trying my darnedest.
Since I'm just a mermaid, and not a multinational corporation--I mean a celebrity--I've never had to fight off the paparazzi. I've never had unflattering photos of myself with lurid captions splattered everywhere. I am curious as to why the mis-steps of celebrities are front page news when there's a war going on.
CODA: This post is ammended.
I am guilty of focusing on the wrong things too. Obviously. Is a blog about vintage novelty prints gonna change the world? Ha! Not even if I quote all the Lamas of Tibet and the Divine Bette Middler. Not even if I have them over for tea and crumpets. Why am I not a political blogger, as many of my friends have suggested? Because I can't articulate my rage, nor yours either, goslings.
So here we go: Britney Spears' melt-down. And I think the shaved head looks kinda cute, in a vulnerable sort of way. Why do I have an opinion about someone I don't know, whose music I do not like? Because you cannot freaking turn around without seeing it in every newspaper and slapped all over yahoo. Why does this get more coverage than the wars and sectarian violence in Iraq and Afghanistan? (remember Afghanistan?) Because it's easier to feel sorry for someone (or blame them, if you are that kind of meanie) in a downward spiral than to confront the war profiteering American government that is responsible for the war.
It is easier to enjoy vintage novelty prints than to comment on the bleak state of global affairs.


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